Product Sustainability Standards

Teradata designs and builds products that will not only increase the efficiency of your business — but also use energy as efficiently as possible. In addition, as a business driver Teradata will continuously search for technology alternatives in our hardware and software to increase power efficiency, improve performance-per-watt and reduce cooling requirements in data center environments as part of our product designs.

The New Green Teradata Purpose-Built Platform Family

We offer you an entire family of purpose-built platforms that leverage the most energy-efficient processors and cabinet design in the industry. For example, the Teradata Active Enterprise Warehouse is three times more efficient per kilowatt-hour of electricity usage for the same data warehouse capability as compared to Teradata platforms of five years ago. In one year, a single typical Active Enterprise Data Warehouse system saves enough energy to power 50 U.S. homes for that same year. In addition, this system requires just 25% of the floor space needed for the same capability over previous generations.

Cooling Door

Every new Teradata system is housed in data center cabinets equipped with an innovative patented Cooling Door that allows data centers to run up to five degrees hotter, saving up to 30% in cooling energy.

Data Compression

The Data Compression feature built into Teradata Database software shrinks the amount of storage space required to contain data tables, delivering an average compression factor of 30% savings in data storage space. On average, this reduction in storage equipment saves over four kilowatts of power for every hour of operations — enough to power an average U.S. home for one year. 

Server Virtualization

Virtualization of servers and storage has recently become a key tool for more efficient use of data center resources industry-wide — and Teradata has been building this concept into products for over 12 years. With virtualization, data centers can replace a large number of lightly used servers with a smaller, less power-demanding set of fully utilized servers. A single Teradata Enterprise Data Warehouse can replace multiples of inefficient data-mart data warehouses, thereby reducing energy needs.

LCD Monitors

In 2005, Teradata went exclusively to shipping LCD monitors instead of the environmentally unfriendly CRT style. With each monitor we shipped, we saved the following:

  • Shipment savings: 77% lbs. savings/monitor
  • Packing savings: 78% reduction
  • Power savings: 60% KWH

Release Process Restrictions 

As a part of our release processes, we ensure that our products do not emit hazardous resources or waste by-products. Further, all regional, national and local safety regulations and codes are strictly followed during product development process. The following regulatory standards are tested during our release process: USA, Canada, Europe, Europe Global, Japan, Australia/New Zealand and Taiwan. All appropriate UL certification and environmental labeling is present on Teradata products.

Data Mart Consolidation

Consolidating data marts can not only improve your business insight, but it can add significant savings to your sustainability efforts.