ESG at Teradata

We believe people thrive when empowered with trusted information. Our data-driven insights enable sound ESG decision-making.

2023 ESG Report

Our report details how our ESG strategy and progress support our business.

Awards and recognitions

We’re proud of the awards and recognitions we received and look forward to continuous improvements.

ESG focus areas

How we've deepened our ESG impact

We intentionally bring our focus on trust, agility, and results to our four ESG strategic pillars: Data, People, Stewardship, and Integrity.


Driving results with insights

When our customers use our data-driven insights to embed sustainability into business, it empowers them to act effectively on ESG challenges, propelling wide-ranging action.

Customer stories

Teradata is empowering customers in every industry—from healthcare to banking to telecommunications—to positively impact the lives of the people they serve.

Building a culture of trust and inclusivity

Building a culture of trust and inclusivity

Promoting a people-first culture means listening to our employees across the globe and purposefully supporting them in all aspects of their lives.

People progress

As we embrace every new challenge and grow stronger together, we can see the results in the feedback we receive from our people and the progress we've made to support them.

  • +1.92

    percentage point increase in women representation in people manager roles globally

  • 26.7%

    Inclusion Community membership growth

  • +1

    point increase in both career and growth survey scores, achieving our 2023 goal

  • 28.4%

    employee participation in community outreach activities across 31 countries, achieving our 2023 goal of 25%

  • 60

    training hours on average per employee

Teradata University for Academics

Teradata University for Academics

Teradata provides free access and resources for students and faculty, enabling us to:

  • Foster Teradata-ready candidates, customers, and brand advocates
  • Generate product feedback

Improving our impact internally and across our value chain

We've made great progress on our journey to net zero by 2050.

Achieve carbon neutrality by year-end 2024 (scopes 1 and 2)
On target to meet our carbon neutral goal
Reduce emissions 34% by 2025 (scopes 1 and 2)*
32% reduction in scopes 1 and 2 emissions (location based)*
Consume 30% less energy by 2025*
26% reduction in energy consumption*
50% of suppliers (by spend) are taking targeted emissions reductions by 2025 (scope 3)56% of suppliers (by spend) have action-oriented emissions reduction goals
Expand our renewable energy portfolio mix
Renewable energy accounted for 69.6% of our overall electricity consumption in 2023, an increase of 32 percentage points from 2022
Reduce our environmental footprint through efficient use of natural resources
We consumed 32% less water in 2023 than in 2022

*Compared to 2021 baseline and received limited assurance

Repurposing hardware: To support our reuse and recycling efforts, we properly dispose of hardware at its end of life.

Repurposing hardware

To support our reuse and recycling efforts, we refurbish reusable parts, repurpose unusable components, and turn metals into recyclable products.

362 servers reused, repurposing ~18,000 kg

526 servers recycled for ~69,000 kg

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Promoting transparency and accountability

Operating with ethics and integrity empowers others, provides transparency, and supports positive impact in our own business and throughout the value chain.

Ethics and compliance

Ethics and compliance

Our proactive approach to ethics and compliance builds and affirms our stakeholders' trust. Our Code of Conduct:

  • Sets clear, consistent standards and rules for everyone to follow
  • Details the behavior expected from everyone who works with or on behalf of Teradata
  • Helps us understand how to comply with applicable legal and ethical requirements

Teradata governance structure

Teradata is committed to effective corporate governance. Our ethos of diversity is reflected in our Board of Directors and Executive Leadership Team (ELT).

  • 9

    board members

  • 56%

    board member diversity* 

  • 6.9 years

    average board tenure

  • 63%

    ELT diversity*

*Underrepresented groups, including women

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Driving global impact

We aspire to continue growing our global impact for lasting and systemic change. Join us on our ongoing journey.