Open table formats (OTFs): Unparalleled choice for data access
file_copy Open table formats (OTFs)

Unparalleled choice for data access

Organizations seek ways to reduce data management costs and complexity. Moving, replicating, and transforming data across systems is time-consuming and often results in unsynchronized data stored in multiple silos.

Customers experience greater choice, interoperability, and cost efficiency when using Teradata’s open table formats with open catalog integration—without sacrificing the powerful and scalable engine that differentiates Teradata in its ability to optimize value and business outcomes.

Delivering the most open and connected ecosystem for Trusted AI


Key features

Simplify data storage with OTFs

Teradata VantageCloud Lake and Teradata AI Unlimited now support OTF data stores, expanding customer choice for data storage and management. Teradata offers freedom of choice with first-party support for Apache Iceberg and Linux Foundation Delta Lake OTFs, leveraging object stores like AWS S3, Azure Data Lake Storage, and Google Cloud Storage.

OTFs provide a standardized storage abstraction layer that defines the structure and rules for how analytical engines interact with data in object storage. This architecture enables you to maintain a single data store for use by multiple analytical engines and tools without needing to host, replicate, and manage multiple copies of large datasets. 

Together with OTFs, VantageCloud Lake and AI Unlimited deliver the robust governance capabilities of Teradata’s industry-leading ClearScape Analytics™ for harmonized data and Trusted AI through several features, including:

Atomicity, consistency, isolation, and durability (ACID) transactions

Ensure transactional consistency for multiple, concurrent read and write operations.

Schema evolution

Modify schemas (column definition, order, and data types) or partitions without re-creating new tables or partitions, saving time and data movement costs.

Time travel

Return to previous table states for historical analysis across time periods. 


Revert to prior versions to quickly correct issues and return tables to a known good state.

First-party services and open catalogs

Teradata’s approach to OTFs

Teradata provides an open ecosystem for OTFs, catalogs, and cloud service providers (CSPs) in multi-cloud and multi-data lake environments.

Teradata provides an open ecosystem for OTFs, catalogs, and cloud service providers (CSPs) in multi-cloud and multi-data lake environments.

This unique, open, and connected approach to supporting OTFs enables cross-read, cross-write, and cross-query of data stored in Apache Iceberg and Delta Lake tables using open catalogs such as AWS Glue, Hive Metastore, or Unity.

This future-ready approach allows enterprises to employ a truly modern data strategy, with unmatched agility and flexibility to deliver Trusted AI at scale—all without the need to move, replicate, or transform data.

Take advantage of OTFs across our cloud-native, multi-cloud, and on-demand offerings

Enterprises can leverage the powerful analytical engines of VantageCloud and AI Unlimited against their own datasets, in their own cloud object stores—enabling an agile approach without the challenge and expense of moving data.

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