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Maximize revenue and assets across your supply chain with modern data and analytics.

Use cases

Stabilize yield, improve quality control, and predict maintenance issues—all with adaptive automation.

Deliver analytics that monitor assets, increase overall equipment effectiveness (OEE), strengthen production quality, and expand profitability insights. 

Leverage AI, IoT, and advanced analytics to optimize asset uptime, increase throughput, accelerate speed to market, and enhance manufacturability—all while safely maximizing production value.

Employ factory-level IoT data, machine learning, and advanced analytics to boost quality, create automated continuous-improvement programs, and achieve zero-accident/defect production.

Implement advanced manufacturing analytics models to deliver insights from any data source to map ideal customer and product experiences. 

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Delivering harmonized data and trusted AI/ML for all

Elevate customer experiences and drive profitable growth with Teradata VantageCloud. Our complete cloud analytics and data platform enables your team to implement a modern data strategy that can truly unify your manufacturing business across departments and regions.

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