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Data and Analytics — It's All We Do

Teradata Consulting, and the Velocity portfolio, are greater than the sum of their parts.

We're known for our unsurpassed technical expertise, but that's bolstered by the depth of our consulting team, industry and functional domain experts who define and support customer data and analytics strategy. This team consists of experienced industry executives, analytics practitioners and managers, and Data Scientists. These seasoned professionals are fully prepared to tap into all tools and technologies — commercial and open sources, Data Science, SQL, SAS, R, Python, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning — to identify your highest value use cases, develop innovative analytics solutions, and architect and build the analytic ecosystem you need to drive business outcomes.

Teradata Velocity™, our comprehensive services portfolio, delivers all-encompassing development, deployment, management and optimization of data and analytics solutions using a three-pronged approach — Advise and Architect, Design and Implement, Optimize and Manage — designed to accelerate analytic innovation and ensure high-impact business outcomes.


Advise and Architect We work with you every step of the way, helping you define high-value analytics strategies by identifying your strategic imperatives and defining tangible roadmaps to unlock business value through analytics. Using holistic thinking and proactive planning, our experts guide you through each phase of the data and analytics lifecycle.
Design and Implement Our skilled architects and engineers design and build data and analytics solutions that produce both faster time-to-value and clear, long-term architectural blueprints. Building on a foundation of reuse for leading practices and intellectual property, our frameworks and components unlocks the value of your data faster than with other methods. Contact us now for implementation assistance.
Optimize and Manage The comprehensive managed services we offer support data and analytics platforms and applications while helping you build your own team of experts. We deliver continuous improvements over time by using advanced tools and well-defined, field-tested processes based on ITIL standards.

The Results


Up to 30% faster than competing approaches.


Reduce risk of project failure by leveraging years of experience and open source skills.


Ensure data and analytics projects are executed on time and below budget.