We created Teradata Vantage to address the challenges of some of the world’s largest and most data-rich companies. We want to empower these enterprises to take full advantage of the best data analytics with all the benefits of the cloud. In my last post, "Data Analytics in the Cloud: It's not Just Lift and Shift," we discussed the challenges these businesses face in designing a cloud architecture. In their rush to retool themselves into cloud-forward companies, enterprises often make the same mistakes and stumble over the same roadblocks that ultimately delay their transformation. In this post, we’ll address how Vantage's modern cloud architecture tackles these issues and enables companies to leverage 100% of the data to uncover real-time intelligence, at scale.
  • Cloud choice that makes it easy and simple to innovate.  

    With Vantage, it’s a straightforward process to find the best cloud provider and deployment option for the job. We’ve designed Vantage to purposefully leverage your cloud infrastructure on public providers Azure, AWS, Google Cloud or multi-cloud. You can deploy hybrid, on- or off-premises. And you can move your data between providers and configurations without disrupting your business, as these transitions require near-zero downtime.

  • Independent scaling of compute and storage that allows you to grow and pay only when needed.

    There are often times when the enterprise needs to grow compute capabilities while keeping storage relatively constant, such as during high-traffic periods like Black Friday or at the end of the quarter. Because Vantage scales compute and storage independently, you pay only for the compute and storage you use, as you use it.

  • Native object storage that allows you to leverage all of your data, at lower cost and hassle.

    Vantage not only gives you the seamless data lake integration ability that Hadoop provides but also native object storage that is three times cheaper, with unlimited scalability. Our object storage is stored natively, which leads to easier management and better performance. It also supports the diversity of data types required of any modern database today.

  • Consumption pricing that allows you to pay only for what you use.

    With Vantage, you only pay for the data storage and processing you use. That means no long-term contracts that lock you in for months or years. No need to worry about utilization rates, capacity sizing or limits. You also benefit from usage transparency so you can allocate costs by department and set threshold alerts.

  • One integrated solution that allows you to be open and agile.

    Vantage provides one integrated solution that delivers data lake, data warehouse and analytics all in the cloud. The platform proves that when you harmoniously integrate various cloud providers and tools, they become more powerful. Users across the enterprise and open source ecosystem can easily connect to Vantage through APIs. They can access a single trusted source of data, through a single seamless interface, and leverage the platform to run robust analytics that can supply downstream applications.

  • Core capabilities that provide security and scale.

    Vantage equips your cloud database with end-to-end security and a foundation of analytics production technology that has helped companies find answers to their toughest strategic questions for 40 years.

A new vantage point with Vantage

A modern cloud architecture promises to meet your needs today and future-proof your investment in the needs you will have tomorrow. Vantage provides this assurance, with flexibility that allows you to switch providers and deployments or scale compute and storage on demand.
A modern cloud architecture promises to meet your needs today and future-proof your investment in the needs you will have tomorrow. Vantage provides this assurance.
And its integrated ecosystem of tools, languages, engines and technologies allows you to remain open and agile, while its secure analytical production core keeps you grounded in four decades of best-in-class analytics expertise.
Vantage allows you to be truly cloud forward — to stop thinking about merely moving to the cloud and start thinking about cloud as an entirely new vantage point for your organization.

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