An Industry First: Communications Compliance Analytic Solution from Teradata Simplifies, Automates Regulatory Review Processes

4 avr. 2016 | SAN DIEGO, California

Provides welcome relief for analysts, auditors in complex compliance management processes

Companies everywhere are required to monitor and archive communications to ensure regulatory compliance and avoid legal penalties. However, existing labor-intensive compliance processes and technology solutions cannot keep up with the increasing volume and variety of structured and unstructured data shared across channels and access points such as mobile and web.

Teradata (NYSE: TDC), the big data analytics and marketing applications company today introduced a simple and automated way for organizations to orchestrate regulatory reviews and ensure compliance. The Teradata Communications Compliance Analytic Solution is an end-to-end solution for monitoring digital communications across an enterprise to detect suspect material. The solution comes at a time when emails, attachments and digital messaging between employees and/or external parties can unwittingly violate rules and regulations - possibly pertaining to insider trading and other misconduct. Courts are increasingly turning to email and other digital communication logs, and holding companies responsible for creating programs to encourage maximum compliance.

The Communication Compliance Analytic Solution is unlike any other compliance solution. It applies multi-genre advanced analytics techniques including Machine Learning, Text Analytics, Pattern Recognition, Graph Analysis and ad hoc analysis to create a sophisticated predictive model that automatically screens messages and attachments at scale across the enterprise. Teradata consultants assess the customer's readiness of digital messaging archives, identify high value areas of opportunity, estimate a range of expected improvement and provide a network graph to identify non-compliant communications activity.

Using this solution, business users can create, modify, and run sophisticated rules in a point-and-click interface and quickly assess likelihoods of non-compliance. The Communications Compliance Analytic Solution maximizes ease of use, speed to insight delivery, and operationalization, which reduces manual labor so that internal auditors can focus more on the work that involves their valuable critical thinking skills.

By automating the compliance process with the Communication Compliance Analytic Solution, customers have experienced enormous reductions in regulatory review processes - up to a factor of 60X. This is accomplished by integrating and encapsulating numerous complex algorithms into a single workflow.

"Teradata is providing welcome relief in the painfully complex compliance management space by providing an automated solution that rapidly addresses key compliance processing concerns," said David Loshin, President, Knowledge Integrity Inc. "This highly innovative analytic package is simply configured for ease of use by business analysts. It takes a different approach than the many existing compliance solutions in the market, which are focused on process management and whose need for scrutinizing many flagged artifacts requires labor-intensive manual processes. Teradata's approach to communications compliance can significantly filter out false positives, reducing the manual effort, and bring organizations to a valuable inflection point."

The Teradata Communications Compliance Analytic Solution is available now, and is already implemented and delivering value for one of the world's leading financial services institutions.

"Our customers in every industry will benefit from the Communications Compliance Analytic Solution, however we believe that financial services institutions, healthcare providers, and government organizations will immediately grasp the value of the solution as their regulatory landscapes become increasingly chaotic and pressures intensify," said Randy Lea, vice president, Business Analytics and Consulting, Teradata.

Teradata's consulting organization has more than 5,000 consultants with an average of ten years of experience focused on Big Data Analytics, Business Intelligence, Teradata Applications, Quality and Testing, and a full range of Support Services. Teradata consulting also maintains five global Consulting Development Centers to provide customers with a critical mass of Teradata resources to meet a wide range of requirements.

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