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Informatica is the world’s number one independent leader in data integration software. Thousands of companies rely on the Informatica Platform to lower IT costs and gain greater business value from all their information assets both on-premise in traditional IT computing systems and in the internet cloud.

Avantages du partenariat

This joint solution is based on Informatica’s industry-leading enterprise data integration platform. The Informatica platform serves as the technology foundation for controlling data movements for your enterprise data warehouse. Informatica also serves as a data integration infrastructure for Teradata Accelerate, a packaged stack of data warehouse, business intelligence, and data integration software.

Informatica PowerCenter

Informatica PowerCenter allows IT organizations to integrate data from virtually any on-premises business system and deliver that data throughout the enterprise to other on-premises data stores to improve operational efficiency. Highly available, high-performance and fully scalable, Informatica PowerCenter is the foundation for all on-premises data integration projects and initiatives.



Version Teradata Versions
10.5.3 Vantage AdvSQL 17.XX
10.5.2 Vantage AdvSQL 17.XX
10.5.1 Vantage AdvSQL 17.XX
10.5 Vantage AdvSQL 17.XX
10.4.1 Vantage AdvSQL 16.20
10.4 Vantage AdvSQL 16.20
10.1 TD 15.00
10.0 TD 15.00
9.6.1 HF1 AD 6.10
9.6.1 TD 15.0
TD 14.10
AD 6.10
AD 6.0
9.6 TD 15.0
AD 6.0
9.5.1 TD 15.0
9.5.1 HF4 and HF3 AD 6.0

Informatica PowerExchange

With the Informatica PowerExchange product family, IT organizations can access all data sources and formats and deliver that data throughout the enterprise—wherever and whenever it’s needed. No hand coding is necessary, increasing the efficiency of limited IT resources while dramatically reducing the cost of delivering data.

Informatica Data Quality

Enables business information owners and IT to work together to cleanse data and manage data quality across the whole enterprise. Providing powerful, easy-to-use data analysis, data cleansing, data matching, exception handling, and reporting and monitoring capabilities, Informatica Data Quality helps to ensure all data is complete, consistent, accurate, and current, wherever it resides.

Informatica Intelligent Cloud Solutions


Version Teradata Versions
Current Vantage AdvSQL 17.XX
2022.04.M Vantage AdvSQL 17.XX
2021.10.M Vantage AdvSQL 17.XX
2021.07.M Vantage AdvSQL 17.XX

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