Enterprise 2030: Building the AI-powered company of the future

Discover how leading executives are preparing for the AI-driven decade

Now more than ever, businesses worldwide are at an AI inflection point. The opportunities to unlock innovation are endless. But with the technology rapidly evolving, companies must be clear on where and how to invest for maximum business value.

We partnered with Forbes to ask 1,001 executive leaders around the world how they’re positioning their organizations to become AI leaders in the decade ahead. Their answers provide a roadmap to reap the rewards of the AI-driven future.

Download the report to uncover key insights on:

  • The biggest AI hurdles organizations face today (and how to overcome them)
  • Why a cautious AI approach can be costly (and how to be more proactive)
  • How to empower your employees to accelerate AI innovation 
  • The top 3 AI opportunities for analytics-driven organizations
  • The key function that nearly 70% of organizations will use AI/ML to fully support by 2030

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