The Easiest to Deploy Data Protection Platform Available

ShieldIO is partnering with Teradata to unlock valuable insights from all stored data including sensitive data, while protecting against all external and internal threats no matter where data is stored, maintaining the integrity of existing systems and blocking insider and external threats to the data. SecureShield easily integrates with Teradata and other databases with zero architecture changes and offers the highest level of encryption for one field or the entire database to ensure all data stored in the database is securely encrypted, yet searchable.


ShieldIO originally partnered with Teradata, offering a homomorphic data protection system, but has since re-engineered the platform using AI, increasing the value propositions and use case possibilities, all at much better economics across the surface area.


Avantages du partenariat

ShieldIO is a very agile and innovative small business which can solve problems more quickly and efficiently. We are database agnostic but originally developed natively on Teradata. Our AI based solution is easy to install and operate as application configurations are not necessary and ephemeral keys eliminate the need for a key store.


ShieldIO Secure Data as a Service Platform

An in-depth look at the solutions ShieldIO offers to enable total security and access to all of your stored data.


Version Teradata Versions
1.0.0 TD 16.20