FedEx Corporation: Utilizing Vantage with Native Object Store at FedEx for Historical Analytics

lundi, 8 juin 2020 | Webinar

FedEx recently participated in the "Teradata Vantage Native Object Store Early Access Program for Azure Blob" to learn how the new capability could help them improve end-user accessibility to cold data, while simultaneously helping IT better align the cost of storing cold data with the business value they get from that data. During this session, you’ll learn about FedEx's use cases, challenges, evaluation of Native Object Store, experience, and recommendations.

Bill Grenwelge serves as a Technical Principal at FedEx Services, supporting the enterprise data warehouse environment which includes Teradata systems. He provides support and guidance for how to best utilize the Teradata environment to users and development teams. He has worked on the Teradata platform for more than 20 years, in various roles from DBA to Developer, and all roads in between. Bill supports the overall environment health and configuration, implementation and exploration of new features and tools (i.e., Teradata QueryGrid™, object store, Machine Learning), as well as all upgrades/expansions. He is currently working on cloud strategy.