Combining weather, geolocation, time, traffic, parcel, and customer data to optimize over 500k deliveries a day.

Imagine a company who will change the course of their business to make sure your SLA is met in real time.

How would those business decisions affect customer satisfaction? Customer loyalty? Yodel is a UK-based parcel delivery company. They perform predictive parcel delivery, taking action in real time to change the course of business. Logistics optimization of over 5,500 delivery routes a day ensures client satisfaction with on-time deliveries.

As one of the largest delivery companies for B2B and B2C orders, Yodel serves many of the UK and Ireland’s leading retailers.

Combining internal and external data sources including geolocation, weather, time, traffic patterns, parcel data, and customer data. Teradata integrates that data for Yodel, making it available to all business users to find answers they need.

Managing a fleet of over 7,400 delivery vehicles and more than 5,500 driver tours is no easy feat. Weather, detours, traffic patterns, roadside accidents, road conditions, driver habits, vehicle maintenance, and navigator errors can negatively impact the on-time delivery of parcels. Multiply this by 500,000 parcel deliveries per day, 1M on peak days, you have a complex challenge of maintaining superior delivery service. Service delivery that can affect customer satisfaction and loyalty.

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Phil Clark, Director of Data Science at Yodel

Phil Clark

Director of Data Sciences

Mr. Clark is director of data sciences at Yodel. He has over 25 years of experience in designing, building, supporting and managing IT solutions in the logistics, retail, and financial services sectors. He has led the implementation of a new Teradata analytics platform including the delivery of cross-departmental data integration, data visualization, dashboards, KPIs, and predictive forecasting and analytics.

In 2015, Yodel’s data was disparate and disconnected with no agreed upon source of business measures, KPIs, and data truth.

Multiple data marts, legacy BI applications, and Microsoft Excel reports were not cutting it. With the help of Teradata, Yodel integrated and implemented a data and analytics platform where all the data is available to access by internal and external clients for real-time analysis. By bringing the data together and simplifying their analytics architecture, Yodel has standard and self-service reporting, ad-hoc analysis capabilities, and insights into logistics optimization. This means Yodel understand and optimizes its delivery costs, routes, and even profitability down to a single package.

Data sources


Understanding driver and delivery vehicle at any given moment.


Rain, dense fog, and weather advisories may impact delivery service.

Parcel data

Parcel scan information and its specific location (depots, sorting centers, delivery vehicles).

Traffic patterns

Re-routing drivers based on traffic density throughout the day.


A close eye on the clock for SLA delivery time windows.

Customer data

Contracts, agreed upon SLAs, and service volumes.

Yodel’s “Business Control Tower” provides 24/7 real time visibility of their entire operation.

This provides widespread access to accurate, timely data to improve tracking and alert delivery drivers. Which leads to the ability to react to changes in the business, becoming more agile, responsive, and sentient—optimizing logistics with data to inform business decisions. This is pervasive data intelligence.

Delivering on commitments

By analyzing driver routes and predicting package delivery times against ETA commitments, Yodel performs Activity-Based Costing (ABC) at a granular, individual parcel level. Yodel has seen a 2-3% uplift in their “Xpect Performance,” which is the time window in which they commit to deliver a parcel and maintain the delivery within the time window.

Yodel's answer:

5,500 Error-Free Delivery Routes Per Day


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