Tableau + Teradata Vantage: Always a Great Match!

Tableau Server is now integrated out-of-the-box with Vantage Trial as part of the free 30-day experience. Find out more!

Aditya Thatte
Aditya Thatte
15 août 2021 4 min de lecture
Vantage Trial and Tableau

Tableau and Teradata have been partners for a long time, owing to their years of individual leadership in the business intelligence (BI) and data warehousing and analytics spaces, respectively, with the mission to generate lightning-fast insights and better business outcomes. The companies’ formidable partnership continues, as this time we are bundled together as part of Teradata Vantage Trial. 

Yes, that’s correct! Tableau Server is now integrated out-of-the-box with Vantage Trial as part of the free 30-day experience.  

With this integration, Vantage Trial users can visualize built-in dashboards powered by sample preloaded datasets and create custom dashboards with their own data, rapidly and seamlessly.  

Tableau + Vantage Trial: How it Works  

Tableau Server is directly accessible to Vantage Trial users. To access Tableau Server and visualize preloaded datasets or create new ones from scratch, users need to click Tableau Server under Other Products on the Vantage Trial App Launcher page.  

Picture1.pngUpon clicking Tableau Server, users are automatically redirected and signed into to a Tableau Server homepage without having to enter any credentials. This integration reduces time to value for users and offers a no-touch, seamless experience which does not require them to request additional licenses from their IT team, instead providing a dedicated, fully managed Tableau Server instance during the 30-day trial.
Vantage Trial users can access the sample preloaded workbooks simply by clicking on the workbooks such as the two described in the following sections.

Featured Use Case: Manufacturing Defect Analysis
Identifying the root cause of manufacturing defects is one of the most common and operationally critical aspect that manufacturers need to address. In this use case, we explore how a Business Analyst working for an electric vehicle (EV) manufacturer gets to know this first-hand when there is need to identify the cause of increased warranty repairs on customers’ car batteries.

Leveraging the power of Vantage along with Tableau dashboards, this manufacturer can identify from which manufacturing plant the faulty batteries were produced, as well as drill down into specific details such as impacted part numbers and lot numbers to reduce warranty replacements.
Picture1-(2).pngThe EV manufacturer also needs to prevent faulty batteries from being installed in upcoming batches of vehicles to be manufactured next. The company has detailed test reports generated for various parts and subsystems within a vehicle. This data is stored in an Amazon S3 data lake that is easily accessed by Vantage and joined with the EV car battery data with a few lines of SQL code to show the permissible test ranges (i.e., tolerances) for all battery packs.

From here the Business Analyst can determine which battery pack lots need additional quality control testing to prevent faulty batteries from being assembled into new vehicles, hence preventing defects from reaching customers and causing more damage to brand reputation and customer satisfaction.
Featured Use Case: Covid-19 Resiliency Dashboard (coming soon)
While the world was watching in 2020 as Covid-19 impacted peoples’ lives daily, businesses sought ways to determine whether or when to release products into market. More so than most, the media and entertainment industries were hit with a sudden drop in ticketed events, resulting in sharp downturns in revenue. Film studios looked to Teradata for guidance to help them replan their film release schedules to maximize returns by determining when people would start coming back to theaters again.

Much of the data available when the pandemic first began were focused on health data (e.g., cases, deaths, vaccinations). But there was also a need to combine behavioral data (such as internet searches, movement of people, personal spending) and first-party data (theater locations) to make informed decisions and create accurate predictions.

By combining this data, Teradata was able to show how trends in health data were correlated with customer behavior by drilling down by state and county.
Picture1-(3).pngSubsequently, by applying this approach to movie theater locations and using predictive modelling to show projected economic spending for that area, studios were able to make informed decisions on when to release films to maximize revenue.
Picture1-(4).pngVantage Trial with Tableau Server Is Available Now
Vantage Trial offers a test-drive of all things Vantage in the Cloud. Developers, analysts, and data scientists can leverage built-in features for a comprehensive trial experience, including capabilities such as:

  • Native Object Storage for data lake analytics
  • Vantage Analytics Library (VAL) for in-database analytics
  • the latest Python & R extensions from Teradata
  • Tableau Server and open-source JupyterHub

For more information about the bundling of Tableau Server with Vantage Trial, please contact your Teradata account team or go to the Teradata Vantage Trial website page.


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Aditya is a Senior Staff Product Manager at Teradata. He is an experienced product leader, having built and managed multi-million dollar B2B SaaS offerings in the area of cloud computing. His current responsibilities include driving various aspects of Vantage delivered as-a-service in the public cloud, such as radically simplifying the cloud user experience, improving operational efficiency and driving consumption. Aditya loves defining and building platforms from the ground-up that address solving complex, enterprise and human-centric problems.

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