Making Customer Experience Your Competitive Advantage

Customers expect organizations to know them, provide relevant & personalized experiences, and be good stewards of their data. Yet many businesses still struggle with this. Why?

27 avril 2021 2 min de lecture
Vantage and Celebrus for improved CX.
In today’s digital economy, optimizing the customer experience is a C-level imperative. Customers expect organizations to know them and provide relevant and personalized experiences. McKinsey reports that 79% of consumers stated they will not even engage if the experience is not personalized based on their past interactions. Taking that a step further, these same consumers expect brands to be a good steward of their data and be transparent in how their data is used.
So, why do organizations struggle with this? The truth is that many of the technology solutions used today for capturing digital data have significant gaps in capabilities that ultimately inhibit an organization from reaching its true potential for digital transformation. If you don’t have digital solved for, across both channel and device, then you’re missing the most significant dataset required to meet your consumer demands.
So where are these gaps? Forrester likes to refer to creating “moments” for your consumers, and those moments need to be individual, real-time, and predictive. As a result, the gaps we typically see in other technology approaches fall into four main areas:
  • Data
    • Tagging and data layers require forethought on what data you might need in the future and require a significant investment of both time and money to maintain.
  • Identity
    • Apple ITP, browsers blocking 3rd party cookies, and other restrictions over the past 18 months have largely decimated the ability for traditional, tag-based solutions to be able to identify, persist, and maintain the history of an opted-in individual.
  • Compliance
    • Privacy and the need to capture true first party data are paramount to the future of our industry.
  • Activation
    • Real-time takes on many meanings in the industry today, but to respond to consumer demand real-time must be milliseconds and not minutes or hours.
When considering these gaps, organizations have an opportunity to think differently about how to build a customer profile across channel and device in a true, first party way that can be activated in real time, in a fully compliant manner. At the root of everything is Identity, and two large gaps revolve around it: the ability to build that persistent identity in a compliant manner and the ability to recall that identity instantly when someone arrives on a channel.
Celebrus and Teradata have built a partnership rooted in solving for these challenges and closing these gaps for enterprise organizations all around the globe. With Celebrus solving for digital by providing the most complete, granular, and compliant dataset in the industry today, you can focus on using that data instead of worrying about whether you captured it in the first place. With that data integrated into Teradata Vantage, organizations can leverage that data for marketing, customer experience, data science, risk, fraud, and many other use cases..
If you want to create those moments, and respond to hyper-personalized consumer demand, then it’s time to learn more about the proven offering from Teradata and Celebrus.

À propos de Bill Bruno

Bill is currently the Deputy CEO for D4t4 Solutions Plc and has been with the company since 2018. Bill was previously the CEO of North America for Ebiquity plc, is a regular conference presenter, and is widely recognized for his experience and expertise in the media, marketing, and analytics spaces where he has worked for over 18 years.  Bill also started Analytics Neat, a weekly short-format Podcast where he talks about the many different themes, topics, and issues facing the industry today in an easy to consume manner. Voir tous les articles par Bill Bruno

À propos de Dan Summerlin

Dan Summerlin is a graduate of the Poole College of Management at NC State University with a degree in Economics and a Principal Consultant with Teradata. Dan has over 25 years of experience helping companies define customer strategies based on practical business outcomes and matching those to the best solutions and processes for success. Dan has worked globally and across multiple industries including Retail, Finance, Insurance, Telco, CPG, Gaming, Entertainment and Healthcare. In addition to creating and running specialized teams in the United Sates, he was also the Director a Customer Experience COE(Center of Expertise) in EMEA(Europe, Middle East and Africa) where he gained new perspectives on how companies interact with their customers. Dan specializes in working with companies to leverage the vast amounts of disparate information they have on their customers. Apply descriptive, predictive and prescriptive analytics to discover actionable insights. Then act on those insights at driving real-time personalized message decisions across every channel and for every customer. Voir tous les articles par Dan Summerlin

À propos de Jeff Horn

Jeff is a Financial Services professional with 20+ years exclusively focused on helping clients maximize their engagement with customers. Jeff’s experience includes implementation of multi-channel engagement, loyalty and analytics programs for clients in the US and Europe. This work includes multiple award-winning programs and first-of-kind programs in the financial services, hospitality and CPG industries. The effective leverage of analytics into business process has been a cornerstone of Jeff’s approach and he brings a practical and results-oriented perspective to the challenges of customer engagement in the Banking industry. Voir tous les articles par Jeff Horn

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