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Vantage on Azure provides enterprise-grade real-time business intelligence through a comprehensive solution that combines analytics, data lakes, & data warehouse technologies.

13 août 2020 5 min de lecture
Teradata Vantage on Microsoft Azure.
Teradata Vantage on Azure, better together.
Enterprises worldwide want to make business decisions based on data. They need to access data in real-time, across a wide range of data sources as possible. Business users need to derive answers from data without getting bogged down by the technology and infrastructure required to run advanced analytics. They need an end-to-end unified analytics platform that supports mission-critical workloads and minimizes data movement, so they can shift their focus from the mechanics of analytics to the meaning and opportunities behind the answers.

However, the complexity, cost, and inadequacy of today’s analytics landscape require business leaders to operationalize data analytics on an enterprise-ready, ultra-scalable platform to drive real business outcomes.
Teradata Vantage on Azure provides enterprise-grade real-time business intelligence through a comprehensive solution that combines analytics, data lakes, and data warehouse technologies. It leverages the scalability, speed, and power of Azure to help customers reduce infrastructure complexity and focus on answers, not IT.

Delivers real-time business intelligence at scale – allowing millions of queries, thousands of users, hundreds of applications, all running at the same time.

Combines analytics, data lakes and data warehouse together - Combines Advanced SQL, Machine Learning and Graph Engines with built-in object storage to query and analyze data from anywhere.

Helps customers reduce infrastructure complexity and focus on answers - Build and operationalize analytics using the tools of choice, such as: Power BI, Tableau, MicroStrategy, Informatica, Pentaho, Cognos, BusinessObjects, Qlik, Talend.

Reference Architecture

Vantage on Azure is comprised of a high-speed data store mated via a high-speed network fabric to:
  • Highly performant Massively Parallel Advanced SQL Engine (formerly known as Teradata Database) running on Esv3 Azure virtual machines that provide high memory to-CPU ratio for greater performance.
  • Machine Learning and Graph Engines (formerly from Aster Analytics) with more than 180 advanced analytic functions running as containerized applications leveraging Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS).
The data store in the architecture above is implemented Azure Premium Storage that provides consistent high performance and low latency leveraging Solid State Drives (SSDs) for I/O intensive enterprise workloads.
Picture1.pngFigure 1 - Vantage on Azure – Reference Architecture
In addition to data in the primary storage, the analytical engines are also able to also query JSON, CSV, and Parquet data stored in Azure Blob based object stores/data lakes as if located in the data store itself. This is possible through Teradata’s Native Object Store feature (NOS currently in preview mode) without having to load the data into Vantage ahead of time. All such functionality is accessible via the traditional SQL ODBC/JDBC interface with which the data analytics world is already quite conversant.

Additionally, Vantage is compatible with the most popular tools and languages in the data science community, including SQL, R, Python, and more, and third-party tools commonly used by the data analysis and data visualization world.

Deployment Models

Picture1-(1).pngGlobal Availability: Vantage on Azure is generally available globally across North America, Europe and Asia-Pacific in the following regions:
  • North America
    • East US
    • East US 2
    • Central US
    • North Central US
    • South Central US
    • West US
    • West US 2
    • Canada East
    • Canada Central
  • Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA)
    • North Europe (Ireland)
    • West Europe (Netherlands)
    • France Central
    • UK West
    • UK South
  • Asia-Pacific (APAC)
    • Australia East
    • Australia Southeast
Availability in the other regions will be considered based on customer demand.

Pricing Models

Under the Software as-a-Service model, Vantage systems may be acquired under two pricing models:
  • Provisioned Capacity – The Advanced SQL Engine size of Vantage instances are dimensioned as provisioned capacity which is measured in terms of units called TCores, which are a weighted measure of compute and IO.

    Customers can resize the Advanced SQL Engine of their flexible capacity Vantage systems via the Console, a single interface to monitor and control their as-a-Service Vantage instances.

    While the Advanced SQL Engine can be resized up or down based on needed query capacity, the persistent data store capacity can only be increased.
  • Pay-As-You-Go Pricing – Under this model, customers only pay for successfully-executed queries in terms of Vantage Units – a measure of compute cycles – and storage. The number of Vantage Units used is driven primarily by query complexity and execution time.

Self-Service Console

Management of Vantage on Azure instances is via a single pane of glass known as the Console, which provides the following functionality:
  • Analytical engine monitoring & scaling: The Console provides users a picture of their Vantage instances, the different analytical engines, their sizes and the ability to resize them, both up and down as well as out and in. Users can also stop and restart the Advanced SQL Engine from the Console.
  • Storage scaling: Users can scale up persistent data storage from the Console independently from the analytical compute engines.  
  • Backups: Two full daily backups are included in each Vantage on Azure subscription. The schedule of these backups and monitoring their status can be performed via the Console. These backups are encrypted and stored in Azure Blob Storage.
Picture1-(2).pngFigure 2- Vantage on Azure connectivity options

Connectivity Options

Vantage on Azure supports multiple connectivity options depending on where the customer’s connections originate and the type and number of applications that need connectivity.
  • Azure Private Link – This is the preferred connectivity method when accessing Vantage from a customer VNet for installations that do not need connection initiation from the Teradata VNet into the customer’s VNet for any application access. Private Link also simplifies IP address planning, has higher network speeds, and keeps traffic within the Azure network. One Private Link connection is included in the price of a Vantage on Azure subscription.
  • VNet Peering – VNet Peering is the preferred option when a Vantage instance in the Teradata VNet needs to initiate connections to multiple entities in the customer’s VNet (e.g., LDAP, other data sources, etc.).
  • Azure ExpressRoute – This is the preferred connectivity option when accessing Vantage from on-premises.
  • VPN – This is an alternate connectivity option when accessing Vantage from on-premises.
One VPN connection is included in the price of a Vantage on Azure subscription.

Customer Validation

Customer Success Stories
Looking for a new way to expand and grow in a saturated market

As one of the world’s leading integrated telecommunication companies, one communication service provider (CSP) has 178 million mobile customers, 28 million fixed-network lines, and 20 million broadband lines. It offers a comprehensive set of solutions ranging from fixed network/broadband connections, mobile communications, and Internet services, to IPTV products for both commercial and corporate customers in 50+ countries. While the operation and sale of networks and connections remains its core business, this CSP wants to expand its business beyond traditional telecommunications products and services and play a prominent role in the digital transformation of it’s country.

Business expertise, ultra-scalability and strong relationships uniquely position Teradata and Microsoft
  • Teradata, together with Microsoft, designed and proposed a Vantage on Azure analytics-as-a-service solution.
  • The “Digital Sales Assistant” combines and analyzes enormous amounts of data from a variety of sources – including but not limited to CRM, social media, IoT and telecom data – in real time, then presents intelligent recommendations (e.g., next best offer) to the sales force via an easy-to-use dashboard.
With Vantage on Azure, Teradata and Microsoft are uniquely positioned to meet this CSP’s demanding technical requirements, including millions of queries, thousands of users and, eventually, hundreds of applications running at the same time, to deliver real-time business intelligence. This joint offering provided unprecedented easy and efficient access to data analytics delivered to this CSP’s SMB customers, representing a new multi-billion Euro revenue stream for this CSP.

Picture1-(3).pngPurchase Options

Vantage on Azure is now generally available. Contact your Azure or Teradata account teams to learn more.

Learn more about how Vantage on Azure can help you find #AnswersInTheCloud and achieve better performance through data at


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