The Key to Pervasive Data Intelligence

Unmatched Versatility

Teradata provides an integrated data and analytics environment that delivers the best analytic functions and engines at scale. We empower companies to easily build and use analytics through support for their preferred analytic tools and languages on multiple data types.

With Teradata, companies can enjoy the fastest path to secure, scalable, high-performance analytics on the deployment option of their choice with no risk. We de-risk your buying decision — enabling you to Analyze Anything, Deploy Anywhere, Buy Any Way, and Move Anytime.

  • Teradata Vantage

Analytics Engines

Analytic functions and engines, integrated in a single environment, so there’s no worry about where the function or data resides.


  • Analytics Engines

Teradata Database

Operationalize analytics on an enterprise-ready platform for high-impact, trusted answers.

Teradata Database