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  1. Flying Blind in Retail
  2. Teradata's Sleep Prediction Hackathon
  3. The Post-Pandemic Supply Chain: Time to Go Back to Basics?
  4. How to Get More ROI—Faster—From Machine Learning
  5. COVID-19 Pandemic Analytics for a Safe Return-To-Office
  6. Tired of First Dates? How to Build a Long-Term Relationship with Data
  7. Open Finance and Smart Ecosystems Won’t Wait for Banks
  8. Is Your Data Ready for Climate Risk Scrutiny?
  9. Managing Supply Chains in the Fast Lane
  10. What Concept Are You Trying to Prove?
  11. Look Out for Risks in Open Banking!
  12. The Cloud is Just the Beginning, Not the End, of the Journey
  13. The Automation of Personalisation
  14. Three Guiding Principles for Open Banking Platform Design
  15. Connecting R&D to the Digital Thread
  16. Financial Crimes: Three Things You Need to Catch a Clever Criminal
  17. Billions of Personal Interactions
  18. It Just Got a Lot Easier to Offload Data From Vantage to Cloud Storage
  19. Off-shore, On-shore or Not Sure? How Data Can Help Solve the Shared Services Conundrum
  20. Will Open Banking Enhance the Quality of Daily Life?
  21. We Rise as One in our Mission to Eradicate Racism
  22. Why CEOs Must Lead a New Relationship with Data
  23. Listen Carefully
  24. Thirteen Thoughts About the Data Mesh
  25. Data...What? Why You Should Keep Doing Data Integration
  26. Beyond Resilience-The Next Generation of Supply Chain
  27. Open Banking is Transforming Financial Services and Chipping Away the Relevance of Traditional Banks
  28. What Isaac Newton Did in Lockdown – And What it Tells Us About Data Science
  29. The Race to Transform
  30. Making Customer Experience Your Competitive Advantage
  31. CFO Analytics – Machine Learning
  32. Hyper-Personalization: Understanding Customers Using Digital Payments Data
  33. The Worst of Times - The Best of Times
  34. Connect Teradata Vantage to Salesforce Using Amazon Appflow
  35. CFO Analytics - CFO of the Future
  36. Data Mesh and the Threads that Hold it Together
  37. How Smart is Your Smart Factory?
  38. Meet the New Analytics Superhero - The CFO
  39. Data...What? Data Democratization and the Illusion of Self-Service
  40. CFO Analytics – Driving Value Through Analytics Automation
  41. We Stand as One with Asian American and Pacific Islander Communities
  42. How to Host a Virtual Global Data Science Hackathon
  43. Don’t Just Collect Vehicle Data – Monetize It!
  44. Ending Supply Chain Whack-a-Mole Management
  45. CFO Analytics – Build Your Foundation
  46. Streaming Data Into Teradata Vantage Using AWS Glue Streaming ETL
  47. Texas Health Resources
  48. Is There a Better Way to Drive Faster Business Value Without Creating More Technical Debt?
  49. Enterprise Data Operating Systems in the Cloud: Necessary, But Not Sufficient
  50. All That Glitters is Not Gold!
  51. Banco Bradesco
  52. The Future: Seamless Journey to Invisible Payments
  53. Enhancing Customer Experience with Every Journey
  54. CFO Analytics: What Is It and Why Should You Care?
  55. Is the Centralized Data Warehouse Dead?
  56. Drive Superior Customer Experience in Retail with Data
  57. Teradata Has Been Named One of the World's Most Ethical Companies 2021
  58. Data Governance in the Cloud Era – Accelerating, Not Hindering, Data Democratization
  59. Machine Learning Adapts to Rapidly Evolving Risk in Real-Time
  60. Is Your Data Holding You Back Instead of Driving You Forward?
  61. From Product Cycle to Digital Thread
  62. How I Built an Algorithm to Help Doctors Fight COVID-19
  63. Vantage Trial Delights Cloud Data Analytic Users
  64. Digital Payments Analytics Rapidly Respond to Changing Preferences and Emerging Value Propositions
  65. Six Crucial Refinements to Conventional Wisdom About Data Strategy
  66. Modeling the Risk of COVID-19 for Effective Pandemic Response
  67. Big Data in Retail & CPG Requires a Scalpel, Not an Axe
  68. What is the Business Case for Delivering a Good Customer Experience at Your Bank?
  69. How Does UX Design Help in Visualizing Big Data?
  70. Digital Payments Data Drives Increased Usage and Customer Retention
  71. The Missing Link in Cloud Costs
  72. Moving to the Cloud, Do I Still Need a CASB Solution?
  73. How to Make Regulatory Calls for Transparency a Competitive Advantage
  74. Drowning in Data - Regulators Need a Data Strategy Too!
  75. Improving Population Health Through Citizen 360
  76. Digital Payments: An Explosion of Emerging Opportunities
  77. A Few Things to Know When You’re Moving to the Cloud
  78. The High Stakes of Complex Medical Claims
  79. A Day in the Life of a Customer Success Manager
  80. Regulation as a Service: A Win-Win
  81. Vantage Social Network Analysis Framework for Covid-19 Risk Metrics
  82. Avoid Making the Same Mistake Twice
  83. Top Tech Predictions for 2021
  84. Path to Profitability with More Agile Pricing
  85. Data...What? What Can I Buy in a Data Marketplace?
  86. Looking Forwards Not Backwards: New Ways of Working for the CFO
  87. Medibank
  88. The Economic Value of Supply Chain Investments
  89. How Much Security Is Too Much Security?
  90. Data and Strategic Alignment in the Bank of the Future
  91. How to Tackle Data Skew
  92. Teradata at AWS re:Invent
  93. Intertoys
  94. Risk-Based Wealth Management: What the Insurance Industry Gets Wrong
  95. How to Thrive Amid Disruption
  96. Telecom Operators: The Data Goldmine
  97. Is Skepticism Thwarting Your Grandiose AI Plans?
  98. Brinker International, Inc.
  99. What Banks Can Learn From Disney
  100. Getting Started with Native Object Store and Microsoft Azure Object Storage in 5 Easy Steps
  101. How Tesla is Redefining the Auto Industry
  102. How to Make the Most of Big Data Analytics in Your Business
  103. Boost Your Customer Experience with Better Payment Conversions
  104. Connect Teradata Vantage to Salesforce Data With Azure Data Factory
  105. What Happened to the CEO in Waiting?
  106. Reimagining Business Amidst the COVID-19 Pandemic
  107. Reconnecting the Retail Brain: Learning From the Octopus
  108. Look at the Cloud. What Do You See?
  109. Survey: Enterprise Data More Important Than Ever Since Onset of COVID-19
  110. Modern Architecture and Analytics Need Each Other To Succeed
  111. Demystifying the Business Continuity Space: Part 2
  112. Exit Here? The Big Banks' Battle for Survival
  113. Why the Single Source of Truth Paradigm in Data Warehousing is Outdated
  114. Data: The Crumbling Foundation of Finance, Our Once Trusted Advisor
  115. How to Prioritize "Self" in Today's World: A Summary on Mental Health
  116. DHL Express
  117. Watch Out for Gotchas in Cloud Data Warehouse Pricing
  118. Zero Down – and Pay Only for What You Use with Teradata Consumption Pricing
  119. Accelerating Innovation in the Analytic Ecosystem: Accessibility
  120. Retailers - Don't be a Data Zombie!
  121. Announcing Vantage on Google Cloud
  122. Three Insights Into Delivering Value at Scale From Smart Factory Investments
  123. Demystifying the Business Continuity Space: A Two Part Series
  124. Break Out of the Data Silo!
  125. Accelerate Your Path to a Modern Analytics Architecture
  126. Customer Journey Analytics & Real-Time Marketing: Lessons Learned from Those That Got it Right
  127. Five Steps Towards Delivering Better Analytic Outcomes
  128. Today’s ‘Breakfast Roll People’ Will Change How Energy Retail Operates
  129. Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month
  130. Clean Up Your Enterprise Data Mess the Easy Way: Ignore it
  131. Leveraging Teradata Vantage's Superior Performance for Real-Time Analytics
  132. The Game Has Changed for Retail – or Has it?
  133. To Integrate or Not to Integrate Data? That is the Question.
  134. Teradata: An Enduring Legacy
  135. The Cause and Effect of Supply Chain Fragility, and How to Fix It
  136. How Teradata Vantage with Native Object Store Decreases Costs, Increases Business Value
  137. The Power of Data and Analytic Processing Gravity
  138. Back to school – CEOs need to learn a new language, fast!
  139. Teradata Dynamic Resource Optimization – Both On-Premises and in the Cloud
  140. Larry H Miller Sports & Entertainment
  141. Accelerating Innovation in the Analytic Ecosystem: Simplicity
  142. Will a Few Milliseconds Ruin Your Analytics Performance in the Cloud?
  143. Digitalizing Energy: A Cure-All Salve or Expensive Placebo?
  144. Use of Modeling and Simulation for Understanding COVID-19 Dynamics
  145. So You Think You’ve Got a Data Strategy?
  146. Change for Good: The Energy Transition
  147. Customer Experience During the “New Normal”
  148. Using Data Before, During, and After Natural Disasters
  149. Answers in the Cloud, No Matter Where Your Data Is
  150. Teradata Vantage: Born for Cloud Before Cloud Was Born
  151. Accelerating Innovation in the Analytic Ecosystem: Flexibility
  152. Chief Data Analytics Officers – The Key to Data-Driven Success?
  153. Why Object Storage Is Essential for Analytics
  154. Architecting for Today’s Hybrid Analytic Ecosystem
  155. Move Fast – But Don’t Break Things
  156. Streaming Data Into Teradata Vantage Using Amazon Managed Kafka (MSK) Data Streams and AWS Glue Streaming ETL
  157. Why Teradata Has Never Been Afraid of High Demand
  158. Advancing the Telecom Industry through Network Experience Analytics
  159. I’ve got the latest tech – now I’m a data business, right?
  160. Move Up the (Data) Property-Ladder
  161. Why You Need to Treat Models Like Data
  162. Doing Good With Data: Teradata's COVID-19 Resiliency Dashboard
  163. Streaming Data Into Teradata Vantage using Amazon Kinesis Data Streams (KDS) and AWS Glue Streaming ETL
  164. Forecasting COVID-19 Using Teradata Vantage
  165. The Importance of Data in UX Design
  166. Data...What? Whatever You Call It, Stay Away From a Data Mess!
  167. Return on Data – The New Valuation for Future Retail
  168. That Lockdown Feeling
  169. Teradata Vantage for People Analytics
  170. Getting Started with Native Object Store
  171. Royal Bank of Canada
  172. What Sort of Business Do You Want to Be?
  173. Teradata Taking Home All the Gold
  174. Announcing Vantage Trial
  175. Identifying the Infodemic Amidst the COVID-19 Pandemic
  176. Data is the Prize and the Strategy
  177. How to Leverage Advanced Analytics in the Healthcare Domain
  178. Big Tech is Poised to Pounce on Banking
  179. Modernization Means Simplicity and Sophistication
  180. Microsoft Azure First-Party Service Integration with Teradata Vantage
  181. There Are No Perfect Words…
  182. Lloyds Banking Group
  183. AWS First-Party Service Integration with Teradata Vantage
  184. Intelligent Analytics for Telcos Using Teradata Vantage
  185. Teradata’s Differentiators – And Why They Matter
  186. The Lure and the Fallacy of the New Bright Shiny Object
  187. Rising from the Ashes
  188. Today, I Join Teradata
  189. Using Data to Fight COVID-19 Supply Chain Disruption
  190. Legacy or Modern? Why not Both!
  191. Pricing Models for Analytics
  192. Using Advanced Analytics to Predict the Onset of a Cytokine Storm
  193. Connect Teradata Vantage with AWS Glue
  194. How to Balance Efficiency and Risk in Your Supply Chain
  195. How to Operationalize Enterprise Analytics in the Telco Industry
  196. How Companies Can Capitalize on Being Sustainable
  197. Navigating the Automotive Supply Chain Post-COVID-19
  198. The COVID-19 Pandemic and the Perfect Storm of Disruption
  199. Emulate Your Heroes with Data… and Vantage on AWS
  200. How China is Using Advanced Analytics During the COVID-19 Pandemic
  201. Introducing Teradata’s Incoming CEO Steve McMillan
  202. What Is the Biggest Challenge Facing CMOs Today? Building, Measuring and Maintaining Brand Equity
  203. COVID-19: Risk Analytics for Building an Early Warning System
  204. Automotive Industry: Navigating Post-COVID-19
  205. All Models Are Wrong (But Some Are Useful)
  206. How to Be Most Productive When Working from Home
  207. Teradata: Lowest Cost for Enterprise-Scale Analytics
  208. It’s Your Data, Set it Free…
  209. COVID-19: Supply Chain and The Great Disruption
  210. Fighting Coronavirus with Teradata Vantage
  211. Breaking the COVID-19 Chain with Data Analytics
  212. How Teradata Vantage Brings Disruptive Innovation to Banking
  213. Teradata and the MIT COVID Challenge Hackathon
  214. Connect Teradata Vantage to Azure Data Factory Using Custom Activity Feature
  215. I’m Sorry CXOs, but You’re Mostly Doing Analytics All Wrong
  216. Teradata Supports China’s Fight Against COVID-19
  217. My Grocery Shopping Experiences and ... Snowflake
  218. How Bayes' Theorem Helps Prediction Analytics in Teradata Vantage
  219. People, We Need to Talk About Mass Electronic Surveillance
  220. Don’t let panic worsen the COVID-19 crisis: Let data run the supply chain
  221. Five Books Every CX Leader Should Read in this Time of Social Distancing
  222. Improving Prediction of the Unconfirmed COVID-19 Cases
  223. Teradata's Response to COVID-19
  224. Advanced Analytics for Coronavirus – Trends, Patterns, Predictions
  225. Reflecting on my Career in Data for Women's History Month
  226. Saudi Telecom Company
  227. An Introduction to Teradata’s R and Python Package Bundles for Vantage Table Operators
  228. How to Connect Teradata Vantage to Azure Blob Storage to Query JSON Files
  229. How to Repurpose Successful Database Techniques inside Teradata Vantage
  230. Teradata Has Been Named One of the World's Most Ethical Companies 2020
  231. What do you mean UX design is horizontal?
  232. Teradata is Launch Partner for New AWS Features
  233. Teradata Does Open Source! Introduction to the R and Python Packages for Vantage
  234. Why 2020 is the Year for 5G and IoT
  235. Norfolk Southern Corporation
  236. Data Privacy and Why it Matters to Our Customers
  237. Is Your Enterprise Being Disrupted by Consumerization?
  238. Analytics in the Hybrid Cloud – An Architect’s Perspective
  239. Not Just SQL Anymore! Using R and Python with Vantage
  240. 4 Trends that Will Revolutionize Data Management & Analytics
  241. Don’t Organize for AI, Organize for Analytics
  242. How Natural Language Processing Improves the Customer Experience
  243. Keeping a Lid on Concurrency within the Vantage Platform
  244. 6 Practices to Realize a Long-Term Data Vision Through Near-Term Work
  245. Teradata Experts on the Top Tech Predictions for 2020
  246. Data Analytics: How to Know the Right Business Questions to Ask
  247. Six Ways Teradata Vantage is Moving the Cloud Forward
  248. Data Analytics in the Cloud: It's Not Just Lift and Shift
  249. The Four Types of Chief Data Officers
  250. Customer Data Platforms: Silo Killer or Yet Another Silo?
  251. Is There a Geographic Component in Your Cloud Analytic Ecosystem?
  252. Vodafone Germany 5G
  253. What the Apple Card Controversy Says About our AI Future
  254. Rich Model, Poor Model
  255. Vodafone Germany Convergence
  256. Power to the People: Vantage Analyst in Action
  257. Three Distinctly Different Customer Experience Strategies
  258. Forging Strategic Partnerships for our Customers
  259. Next-Gen Concepts for Player Performance and Wellness
  260. Embracing the Darkness: Vantage Developer
  261. Teradata is Moving the Cloud Forward
  262. Survey: Success of Global Enterprise Depends on Adaptation to Hyper Disruption
  263. A Renewed Focus on User Experience at Teradata
  264. 8 Places to Visit in Denver While Attending Teradata Universe 2019
  265. Teradata Vantage and the Rhythms of Your Workloads
  266. The Future of Personalization: Deep Multi-Channel Hybrid Recommender System
  267. How to Deliver Better Business Outcomes with Predictive Modeling
  268. Teradata Certification Program Embraces Vantage
  269. ABANCA
  270. Time Series Analysis: Looking Back to See the Future
  271. Why Clean Data is Critical for Your Business
  272. Self-Service Analytics: Classifying Data and Analytic States
  273. Multitasking Within the Teradata Vantage Optimizer
  274. How Artificial Intelligence & Deep Learning Change the Game
  275. Vantage: A Cloud-First Integrated Data & Analytics Platform
  276. Taking Analytics to the 4th Dimension
  277. How Reinforcement Learning is Changing Customer Engagement
  278. Is Finance Holding Back Your Bank’s Digital Transformation?
  279. 3 Factors to Consider When Evaluating Self-Service Analytics
  280. Teradata Earns Spot (Again x2!) on Constellation ShortList for Hybrid Cloud
  281. Data is Not the New Oil. Data is Water!
  282. The Power of Prioritization in Data Management
  283. How Human Growth Defines the Future of Digital Disruption
  284. Cloud Analytic Migrations with Microsoft, Informatica & Teradata?
  285. Four Steps to Drive Digital Transformation in Your Bank
  286. Is Self-Service Analytics Sustainable?
  287. Why Multi-Dimensional Personalization is Worth the Investment
  288. Enterprise Data Strategy: The Upside of Scarce Funding
  289. What Should Your Enterprise Expect from its Cloud Analytics Vendor?
  290. Data Science for All: How to Bridge the Data Scientist Gap
  291. How to Enjoy Hybrid Partitioning with Teradata Columnar
  292. How Analytics Answer the Most Challenging Business Questions
  293. The Power of Integrated Data and Analytics
  294. Five Steps to a Successful Upgrade
  295. Why Vantage Is Our Most Popular Release Ever
  296. How Teradata and Oxford Saïd are Modernizing Analytics for Academic Research
  297. What Working “at Scale” Really Means
  298. Swedbank Delivers Superior Customer Experience by Illuminating the Customer Journey
  299. How Moving to the Cloud Helped Craft the Ideal Fan Experience for Ticketmaster
  300. AI for Industrials: Why is it different?
  301. Four Reasons Why Upgrading to Vantage is Worth It
  302. The Data Lake is Dead; Long Live the Data Lake!
  303. What Tableau Customers Should Expect Post-Salesforce Acquisition
  304. New As-a-Service Offers on Vantage Bring Simplicity, Modernization
  305. Why Hadoop Failed and Where We Go from Here
  306. 3 Easy Ways to Turn Data into Actionable Answers
  307. How to Drive Marketing Personalization in an Increasingly Non-Personal World
  308. How Air France-KLM Group Uses Cross-Channel Analytics to Smoothly Connect Over 100M Passengers
  309. How Does Compounding Interest Relate to Your Investments in Data & Analytics?
  310. 5 Myths You Have Been Told About Industrial AI
  311. What Is the BYNET and Why Is It Important to Vantage?
  312. Why is a Real Time Interaction Manager (RTIM) Essential to Providing a Superior Customer Experience?
  313. 3 Ways New As-a-Service Offerings Bring Choice and Flexibility to Teradata Vantage
  314. How to Use AI and Video Analytics to Give Your Retail Business a Competitive Edge
  315. How U.S. Bank Uses A.I. and Machine Learning to Deeply Personalize Your Banking Experience
  316. How to Analyze Data at Speed and Scale Using Pervasive Data Intelligence
  317. Why Smart Cities Need Intelligent Data
  318. The Eight Functions You Should Consider When Choosing a Self-Service Analytics Platform
  319. Why You Get Faster Query Results with Teradata’s Adaptive Optimizer
  320. 6 Lessons for Women in Tech
  321. Teradata Has Been Named One of the World's Most Ethical Companies 2019
  322. What Is Pervasive Data Intelligence?
  323. How to Use Analytics to Avoid Business Problems
  324. Adding Cloud to Your Analytic Ecosystem
  325. Building a Diverse and Inclusive Teradata
  326. Is Your Data Scientist Team Contributing to Your Company’s ROI?
  327. Managing Analytic Workloads with Cloud
  328. Cash Is Still King – Make Sure Your Business Is Prepared for the Next Recession
  329. It's the Relationship - Not Just the Data - That is Critical to Success
  330. The Utah Jazz Uses Pervasive Data Intelligence for Next Generation Sports Analytics
  331. What Lessons Can Apollo 13 Teach Us About Analytics?
  332. Is There Such a Thing as Too Much Parallelism?
  333. The First Mistake of a CDO: Proposing Business Value
  334. Simpler Is Better. Until It Isn’t.
  335. How to Fill Your AI Talent Gap
  336. Five Challenges to Building Models with Relational Data
  337. How Painful is it (Really) to Switch Cloud Providers?
  338. Using Data to Answer the Key Challenge to Enterprise Reinforcement Learning
  339. What Happened to Big Data?
  340. Enterprise Opportunities to Apply Reinforcement Learning & AI
  341. Who Was Smarter, Karl Benz or Sigmund Freud?
  342. The Circle and Square, All You Need to Know About Data and Analytics
  343. How Data Privacy Can Be Good for Your Business
  344. Ensuring Actionable Answers from Analytic Models
  345. Cloud Nine: All Your Analytics, Wherever You Want Them. Really!
  346. Making Your Time-Based Analytics Fly Faster
  347. Moving from Mapping Customer Journeys to Guiding Them
  348. A Day in the Life of a Data Scientist with Teradata Vantage
  349. Real-Time Analytics or Real-Time Decision Making?
  350. What's Next in Tech: Teradata's Experts Weigh in on 2019 Predictions
  351. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning: Lessons and Opportunities
  352. New! Teradata IntelliCloud for AWS Marketplace (with Metered Billing)
  353. Enabling Trusted Data within a Teradata Analytical Ecosystem
  354. Reimagining Analytics and Herding Unicorns
  355. Connecting the Dots: Accelerating Analytics into Answers
  356. Governing Data Across the Analytical Ecosystem
  357. Unleash Human Expertise with Pervasive Data Intelligence
  358. Make Data Intelligence Pervasive
  359. Customer "Jobs to be Done"
  360. North Star or Shooting Stars for Sustainable Analytics at Scale?
  361. A Special Message of Appreciation
  362. Teradata's Autonomous Platform - Automation Made Intelligent
  363. The Road Ahead: Integrating Amazon S3 and Azure Blob into Teradata Vantage
  364. Analytic Insights Remain Trapped in Complexity and Bottlenecks
  365. Stages of Grief for Data Scientists and It Alike: Making Open Source Work in Paranoid Corporations, Part II
  366. Teradata Vantage - Doing For Analytics What We Did For Data
  367. Teradata: Stop Buying Analytics. Start Investing in Answers.
  368. Increase Productivity: Rev Up Your Teradata System
  369. What Is the Teradata Analytics Platform and Why Is This Big News for an Analytics Professional?
  370. 36 Cloud Sessions at Teradata Analytics Universe
  371. Stages of Grief for Data Scientists and It Alike: Making Open Source Work in Paranoid Corporations
  372. What if Data Was an Asset?
  373. A View From the Trenches: What Should an Analytics Professional Evaluate When Purchasing an Analytics Solution?
  374. IT’s Identity Crisis
  375. Which Analytic Workloads Should Move to the Cloud First?
  376. Intellectual Curiosity—The Fuel that Drives Effective Analytics
  377. Teradata Passes GDPR Audit for Cloud Service
  378. Creating the Critical Conditions for Cloud Analytics to Thrive
  379. Teradata Earns Spot (Again!) on Constellation ShortList for Hybrid Cloud
  380. Controlling the Supply Chain: How digitalization and analytics will dramatically change your world!
  381. Redefining Modern Data Architecture
  382. How Burnout, Culture and Safety Analytics Contribute to Employee Wellness Programs
  383. Have Billions of Dollars in Organizations, Technology and Regulatory Fines Actually Reduced Money Laundering?
  384. Running Millions of Queries Per Day in the Cloud
  385. Putting AI to Work in the Finance Industry
  386. Finding the Signal in the Customer Experience (Cx) Haystack
  387. Social Psychology Analytics of Employee Stress – Through the Lens of Clinician Burnout
  388. Marketing to Machines in the Age of Algorithms: Part II
  389. Is Data Really an Asset?
  390. Engineering Customer Experience: Customer Centric Feedback Loops
  391. Microsoft Azure Update: Teradata in the Cloud
  392. Amazon Web Services (AWS) Update: Teradata in the Cloud
  393. The Fastest Path to The Cloud Starts with Knowledge: Start Small, Scale Fast
  394. The Real Hurdle to Succeeding with Analytics
  395. Taking Compliance Seriously
  396. Good Investment: Why Banks Need to Open up to the Cloud
  397. How is Analytics Helping Banks to Keep Pace with Regulatory Demands?
  398. The Future of Marketing Key Takeaways
  399. Considerations When Thinking About Moving Your Analytical Ecosystem to the Cloud
  400. Path to the Cloud: Know Your Deployment Options
  401. Data Analytics: A Prerequisite to Artificial Intelligence Mobility
  402. How to Crawl, Walk and Run with AI
  403. When the Time is Right to Try Cloud-Based Analytics
  404. 7 Citizen-Centric Sectors That Can Be Enhanced by Artificial Intelligence
  405. The Next Digital Revolution: The Amazing/Terrifying Future of Financial Services
  406. Scalability in the Cloud: Why it Matters
  407. The Best Way to Predict Your Future: Analytics for Tomorrow’s World
  408. Don’t Compromise on Customer Experience
  409. Outsourcing for Governments: Analytics can help to make the right choice (part 3)
  410. How Cloud Based Analytics Play a Role in Determining Tomorrow’s Winners
  411. Be Different
  412. Is crossing the Smart City by Air Taxi so farfetched?
  413. Show Me the Money: Subscribe to and Pay Only for What You Use
  414. Snowflake’s Credibility Melting Fast
  415. Outsourcing for Governments: Analytics can help to make the right choice (part 2)
  416. Engineering the Customer Experience
  417. The State of Analytics in the Cloud
  418. Outsourcing for Governments: Analytics can help to make the right choice (part 1)
  419. Self-service vs. As-a-service – Which Is Better?
  420. Sasol: Using Analytics and Data in the Cloud to Create and Deliver Cost Efficient Energy Around the World
  421. The Surprising State of Analytics in the Cloud
  422. Teradata Opti Awards Call for Entries
  423. The Least Risky Decision You’ll Ever Make
  424. How Much Is IoT-Driven Industry Convergence Going To Cost Your Business?
  425. Grass for the Cows and Power to the People: Why GDPR and Digital Progress are Not Contradictory
  426. What today’s machine learning and AI is and is not
  427. A Trusted Adviser: The Role of Consultants in Cloud-based Analytics
  428. Why Organizations Struggle with Customer Experience!
  429. The Future of Banking
  430. Too Much Information? Why ROI Should Really Mean Return on Information.
  431. The Chief Data Officer’s To-Do List
  432. Security in the Cloud—A Little Known Advantage, Actually
  433. Your data needs you – why driving change is the key to successful analytics
  434. Snowflake Claims 100,000% Cost Savings vs. Teradata – You Can’t Make This Stuff Up!
  435. The Evolution of Teradata – The Passion of our Past is the Fuel for our Future
  436. "Retire Teradata" - Dream On, Snowflake
  437. Leading the Way to Enterprise Analytics in the Cloud
  438. Digital Supply Chain – Fact or Fiction?
  439. "Built for the Cloud" vs "Built for Analytics" - You can have both with database scalability
  440. Is Good Enough Really Good Enough?
  441. Could big data analytics and deep learning have detected India’s largest banking fraud?
  442. Leveraging artificial intelligence in the fight against global wildlife poaching
  443. GDPR - The Final Countdown…and Beyond
  444. Why AnalyticOps Empowers Automation and AI
  445. Transforming the transformers: Demystifying data for power network transformation
  446. Guided Analytics: An Example With Path Analysis
  447. BIDMIO - The Path to Analytic Insight
  448. It's a small world after all
  449. Driving Data Science Results By Asking Why
  450. Curiosity never killed the analytical cat
  451. Gotcha! New Visualization Techniques Make Fraud A Whole Lot Easier To “See” — And Stop
  452. Standard Chartered: Creating a Golden Source of Financial Data to Continue Being, “Here for Good”
  453. What is the difference between automated and autonomous decisions?
  454. Five focus areas for success in advanced analytics
  455. What are the prerequisites for a large-scale AI initiative?
  456. Machine learning for Telcos 5G: a network of networks
  457. Don't let analytics bureaucracy dictate your pace
  458. Analytics at Scale: What Data Analysts Need to Know
  459. 5 Big Benefits of Data and Analytics for Positive Business Outcomes
  460. Spend more time on analytics and less on data prep
  461. What is the definition of AI?
  462. How IoT won the war
  463. Getting from A to B – How Customer Journey Is Changing the Customer Experience
  464. The new age of customer trust
  465. AI without machine learning
  466. Defining a Successful AI Strategy for 2018: Key Thoughts from a Data Scientist
  467. Not All Machine Learning Leads to Artificial Intelligence
  468. 8 tips to prove ROI when deploying analytics in the industrial sector
  469. What is machine learning?
  470. A value-driven approach to telco customers, possible through advanced analytics
  471. Big Data - The Big Missed Opportunity
  472. Wait, maching learning and artificial intelligence aren't the same?
  473. Teradata IntelliCloud Now Available on Microsoft Azure
  474. Internet of Things for Insurance - The Future is Now
  475. European bank goes from 0 to 60 in analytics endeavor
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  486. Customer Journey Management and Analytics: Chicken and Egg
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  491. BYOL, Fold/Unfold Now Available on Both Azure, AWS
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  506. Behavioral segmentation through path analysis
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  508. Don’t Rely on Witchcraft: Question the Status Quo of Customer Analytics
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  510. Making the Most of Your Time
  511. More Cloud Milestones for Teradata: Azure, AWS, IntelliCloud
  512. Teradata IntelliSphere — a unified software portfolio for a unified analytical ecosystem
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  529. That (Amster)damn utilities data…
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  540. Objectives and accuracy in machine learning
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  594. Team Effort Makes a Big Difference in the Community
  595. Doing Our Part to Close the Skills Gap
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  597. The Future of Marketing: Bringing Together Business and Education to Close the Skills Gap
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